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Gloria has enjoyed her life as a life insurance salesperson and executive. In exploring her creative side, she ran a successful business designing gifts for receptive clients, event planning, and decor. 

In an effort to share her knowledge and experience, she has written her first book, How to write a will - DON'T let the state write your will for you.



Throughout her life insurance career, Gloria delivered several checks to beneficiaries on the death of their breadwinners and shared their happy moments as they received their legacies. She has also experienced sorrowful times as families were left distraught because their breadwinners died without leaving a will.


Gloria hails from Jamaica, West Indies, as a Chartered Life Underwriter with a successful career as a salesperson and executive in the life insurance industry. As a salesperson, she qualified for all major sales awards in Jamaica and the Caribbean, and for the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), a club for the top one percent (1%) of life insurance agents in the world, while earning the Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) designation and serving the industry in various capacities.

She has served in an executive role, heading the sales and marketing team in a life insurance company, and helped to influence policy towards the betterment of agents and policyholders.

Having immigrated to the United States, she continues to protect families and businesses through life insurance. She can be reached at

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