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        MEET KRIS


Kris Dawkins is an entrepreneur, author, public speaker, and creator of a transformational self-development course. He is dedicated to helping people to define and fulfill their purpose in life.



Kris is an Alumni of Howard University, (Washington DC, USA) where his most memorable experiences include delivering motivational speeches to the new cohorts and providing mentorship to his peers.


His diverse, international experience spans multiple industries, from healthcare to financial services. During his professional career for institutions, including Blackrock and Merrill Lynch, Kris gravitated towards public speaking, engaging audiences, change management, and digital transformation projects. Along the way, Kristofer met many individuals who were just ‘making ends meet,’ stuck in a career they did not like, feeling regretful, or leading unfulfilled lives. These interactions and his own personal story led him to write his first book, ‘Unlock Your Greatness,’ which introduced his audience to a 10-step program dedicated to helping people live a life of fulfillment. He later founded ‘Relentless Perseverance,’ a company that helps with his core mission of helping people to define and fulfill their purpose by delivering bespoke self-development programs, online courses, and speaking engagements.


Kris continues to enjoy the personal reward attached to each testimonial he receives from individuals he has worked with and the demonstrable impact he has had on transforming their lives.

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