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About Us

TOP ROAD PUBLISHING LLC was established to feature the work of select writers,  authors and course designers. The

first  to be featured are Gloria Isaac, under her nom de plume, Gloria Dawkins Isaac and Kris Dawkins. We will be showcasing  fiction and non-fiction work in print, e-books and audiobooks, as well as inspirational, motivational

and self-help courses. Our partnership with professional and talented editors, proofreaders, graphic artists,        printers and other technical staff enables us to deliver products of the highest quality.



New Release

  My Gratitude Journal - Kelley Dee Collection

- Waking up each morning? Your friends?
Your health?
- A warm bed to sleep in?
- A singing bird on your window?
- The blessing of rain in your garden?

Are there thing you are taking for granted?

An attitude of gratitude creates a positive attitude, quietens your soul, and relieves stress. But how do you develop this attitude of gratitude? By writing down the things you are grateful for!

    This beautiful 52-week Gratitude Journal:

 *Has beautiful colored images of Nature .

 *Prompts you to think positively, Focus on what 

  you have and may sometimes take for granted, focus on a weekly quote, record two things that you are grateful for each day, and cultivate this into a habit.


  * It will become your source of inspiration 
 Journaling is such a splendid exercise as you can always go back to review those pages you penned when you were most inspired. This conscious daily exercise accumulates into tremendous weekly, monthly, and yearly blessings. The more grateful you are, the more things you get to be grateful for.


 - Try it! Gift it! Share your experiences with someone special in your life and spread some joy.


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Writing a will does not have to be complicated and its importance cannot be overemphasized. Read more


Kris Book Cover.jpg

Unlock Your Greatness provides a blueprint and guide on the "how" behind transforming  Read more



Throughout her life insurance career, Gloria delivered several checks to beneficiaries on the death of their breadwinners 

Kris Dawkins is an entrepreneur, author, public speaker, and creator of a transformational self-development course 



Book Will frontcover jpeg.jpg

It is not just for the wealthy, but anyone with a bank account, a home, a car, a 401K or other pension fund will benefit from it. I have been in the insurance and investment industries for over 45 years and highly recommend this book to practically everyone.                                    Pat Billera

This excellent and critically important publication is well-researched and provides needed and critically important information with simplicity, empathy and care. 

This powerful and helpful book enlightened me during proofreading and will be a similar beacon for all who purchase it.                   Dawn Lindo

I believe readers will find this book quite useful, informative and as interesting as I did. It should be kept close at hand for questions related to wills and estate planning or prepare you to meet your attorney or estate planner. Everybody needs to read this book.                                     Winston E Hobson, Esq.



Kris Book Cover.jpg

                                                          Very motivating!

This book has given me many tips on how to live an optimal life. Definitely worth it.             Inspirational in many ways! 100% recommend.                         Ash Salomé

Good Book!

This book is great for easy motivation. Brilliant book! Interesting reading! 


                                                    My fire is lit!

  This is a great motivational book that will help[ you find your potential in life.  Easy read                   with a great impact.          Lawrence R


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 In launching Top Road Publishing LLC, Gloria Isaac is paying homage to the area in west rural Jamaica where she grew up, as well as honoring her late parents, Lloyd and Vivian Simpson, both stalwarts of their community, Top Road, in Westmoreland Jamaica. This  publishing house was established to showcase fiction and non-fiction writing in print, e-books, and audiobooks, as well as self-help courses from select authors and course designers. Every information shared will be relevant and practical for living in today’s world.

The first two books that were highlighted are How to write a will: DON’T let the state write your will for you by Gloria Dawkins Isaac, and Unlock Your Greatness: From Fear To Fire by Kris Dawkins. These are accompanied by the first in a series of practical, inspirational and motivational journals from the Kelley Dee Collection.

As an experienced Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) in the life insurance industry, Gloria has delivered several checks to beneficiaries on the death of their breadwinners; and shared their happy moments as they received their legacies. She has also experienced sorrowful times as families were left distraught because their family members died without leaving a will. "With all the experiences I have had, I am insisting that you write your wills!’’ she emphatically states. Her book presents a step-by-step process for writing a will to ensure your family’s legacy is validated and to prevent state intervention. It covers additional instruments that should be explored at the time of planning one's estate, with samples and templates comparing those used in Jamaica, West Indies, and Florida, United States. Gloria also shares her knowledge and experience through cases and stories which have remained etched in her memory, and highlight the benefits and importance of having a current will.

Kris' inspiring "Unlock your Greatness" gives guidance on filling the gap from a position of fear and transforming to living a life of fire. He passionately engages his readers as he shares the tools, skills and the steps necessary to effect that transformation. He suggests that the knowledge gained are life skills and can be used long after reading the book, even for the rest of one's life. 

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